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Re: Ideas and questions on pkgsrc

From: Ed Berger <nobody@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 13 Apr 2010 11:49:15 -0400

On 4/13/2010 3:33 AM, Chris Turner wrote:

Can't you do this if you have the right make targets (e.g. check binary
packages first) and pkg_rolling-replace?

I don't think anyone yet has a proper tool or script to do this reliably. A while back, when I tried one suggested with rolling-replace in the dragonfly-digest noted from pkgsrc mails, which probably just used the source packages. It became obvious to me it wasn't tested before being recommended, nor end user friendly and reliable on DragonFly, to deal with software updating issues. I ended up with a hosed system. I wouldn't mind this solution, if it was easy to setup, safe, and effective.

I think the problem you mean is more is 'mass upgrades from binary packages in a remote location' ..

I'd expect an average user or sysadmin would prefer the speed and simplicity of this, if you keep the last known working binaries online when newer versions are broken. I wouldn't mind seeing a publicly posted link to the pkgsrc mk.conf file used to build the binary packages, so they can be duplicated easily and adjusted locally as the sysadmin sees fit.

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