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Re: Hints on kernel config for a dula pII/450 system anyone?

From: Bill Hacker <wbh@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 18 Sep 2006 22:00:09 +0800

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Justin C. Sherrill wrote:

> On Mon, September 18, 2006 8:47 am, Oliver Fromme wrote:
>>(I think DragonFly still
>>supports the 80386, but I'm not sure.)
> It's still supported in that support for it hasn't been explicitly
> removed, but I don't think anyone has tested it in the last few releases.
>>By the way, my main server at home was a Pentium-75 until
>>recently.  I replaced it with a low-power EPIA board (with
>>VIA C3 processor), mainly because the Pentium-75 couldn't
>>be upgraded beyond 128 MB RAM, and I needed more RAM
>>because the Squid proxy caused paging sometimes.  Other
>>than that, the Pentium-75 was perfect and even ran fanless
>>(with a huge self-made heatsink) at ~ 30 °C.
> I've been curious to figure out what the CPU power/electrical power 'sweet
> spot' is for a home server; the C3 CPUs sound not bad.

The C3 - or the MB they commonly shipped on -  were FreeBSD problematic in 
earlier releases, so we just 'underclocked' Celerons to where a copper 1U HS w/o 
fans was at least marginally good enuf, i.e 1.2, 1.3 GHz @ 1 GHz, etc.

The recent 'Matsonic' MSCLE266-F with VIA CLE266+8235, CPU rated '2000+', and 
using 2 X DDR PC2100 are 'golden'. Has VGA, LAN, and Audio on-board.

Not intended as a 'server' MB, but gets the job done just fine in 1U, and should 
make a quiet and cool-running home machine as well (though all of ours are even 
quieter G4 PPc now...).

FWIW, VIA is sampling a new low-power/heat multi-CPU SBC (C7?) that we are 
keeping an eye on...


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