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Re: bsdstats.org

From: Garance A Drosihn <drosih@xxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 11 Sep 2006 14:31:17 -0400

At 1:18 PM -0400 9/11/06, Adrian Michael Nida wrote:

IIRC, OpenBSD still has their dmesg@xxxxxxxxxxx mail account to collect hardware information. NYCBUG also has something similar:


I'm content with the post-install "Would you like to submit your
information" question.  I don't know why on Earth this script has
to be put in periodic though.  What am I missing?

The idea is to track how many machines are actively running *BSD. If all we know is that you installed *BSD last month, then we have no idea if you're still running it this month.

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