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Re: usb printer Brother HL-2030 and DragonFly [SOLVED]

From: Oliver Fromme <check+irfnjm00rs35zc3h@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 13 Dec 2005 12:05:27 GMT

Tomas <antencek@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
 > walt wrote:
 > > Tomas wrote:
 > > > ...I forced USB to 1.1 instead of 2.0...
 > > 
 > > Can you explain exactly how you 'forced' it?
 > Well, luckily I have a BIOS which let's me choose what kind of USB I 
 > want (1.1 or 1.1+2.0) so I just chose 1.1 and it works.
 > If you have more USBs on your wife's machine try if maybe one of them 
 > isn't 2.0.
 > Maybe another solution is to install PCI (or PCMCIA) USB 1.1 card into it.

Another solution might be to buy a cheap 1.1 USB hub and
connect your device to that hub, forcing the port to use
USB 1.1 instead of 2.0.

Uhm, well, thinking about it ...  Why not just remove EHCI
from your kernel, leaving only OHCA or UHCI?  Without EHCI
you won't get USB 2.0 support, forcing the system to use
1.1 only.

Best regards

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