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Dfly install CD Stable v1.2.0 and 1.2.5 hang, but Preview v1.3.6 ok

From: Philip Jensen <phil_jensen@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 28 Sep 2005 13:42:45 +1200

I have just been trying out Dfly again after having briefly played with v1.0a a while ago.

After successfully booting the install CD for v1.2.0 (and v1.2.5) to a login prompt the machine hangs. Sometimes I have been able to log in, others it just hangs. I have tried the "Default" boot, "no ACPI" and "Safe mode", but all options seem to hang.

However when I tried the Install CD Preview v1.3.6 it all seemed to work fine, and when I wrote a simple shell while loop counter to test processing, it ran without a problem.

I did notice when I managed to log in to the v1.2.5 Install CD prompt, I tried running the apm command, which subsequently dropped to a ddb> prompt. On v1.3.5 running apm provides useful apm information.

Is this my lack of knowledge of Dfly? Are there stability problems when it is actually installed?

Any ideas appreciated?

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