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Re: Install Log

From: Adrian Nida <nida@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 18 Oct 2005 10:09:18 -0400

Multiple Messages combined into one...

<Snip Joerg's Reply/>
Too much bloat almost noone is interested in when downloading the ISO.
You can do that, if you want -- it's just a bit more work.

<Snip Simon's Reply> > On an official release, sure, but not on the snapshots.

I can live with the official vs. snapshots response. I also appreciate being informed about the src snapshots. Keep in mind, one of the reasons I'm sharing my experiences is so we can curb these problems before the masses experience them. I also find it really funny that 62M is considered bloat by you guys. After all, I had to upgrade because 6.4G wasn't cutting it any longer ;-).

> You shouldn't use CHS settings nowadays.  Just go with linear
> sectors and you're fine.

I'm assuming that I started off with linear sectors. I specified a start sector/block/whatever that was one number higher than the ending s/b/w of the other partition. When I did, the new partition's starting/ending settings overlapped the already existing partition. I also tried to increment the starting sector value by some factors. Weird things started happening. At one point the new partition's end c/h/s values were LESS than its starting values. When I had that happen, I started assuming I was in over my head. Now, I'm assuming that these settings do linearly increment (i.e. they're not supposed to overlap).

Linux *can* write UFS with the right options, but I would still be
careful. The best common denomitor might be ext2, which should be
implemented by both.

Yeah, the Linux kernel config screen had WARNING EXPERIMENTAL by the read/write option. I compared that to creating a sharable space and decided the latter was less costly (both in terms of time, data loss risk, etc.)

> FreeBSD [and I assume DF as well] can mount ext3 as ext2 (ignoring the
> journal feature).  That's OK for read-only access, but I don't know
> what happens if you try to write to it.

Ok, didn't know that either. Won't forget it :-)

> LINT is not for running, just for compiling.

Believe me, this is another item I'll never forget :-D

It seems to be an Atheros card. No support yet in either GENERIC or

Ok, I scanned the archives and found that Andrew Atrens posted a beta ath driver back in April. Will try that.

Here's the plan:

1)  Rebuild GENERIC and/or a customized kernel version.
2)  Ensure it works.
3)  Follow the instructions to make the ath0 device driver/module work.
4)  Setup the wireless networking for my home.
5)  Put the steps required to do above on the wiki.
6)  Profit????

Thanks guys for the pointers, etc. I really do appreciate the help and guidance.

One thing I'll certainly say, this has been much better than my Solaris experience. All five CDs burned after matching the MD5s. Then, go to boot off the first only to have it say "cannot find boot.bin". Yay, coasters!


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