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DragonFly kernel List (threaded) for 2005-10
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Install Log

From: Adrian Nida <nida@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 17 Oct 2005 11:06:58 -0400

Hey kernel hackers,

My main Windows desktop at home finally reached the point where its 6.4GB HD was 
filling up faster than I could purge, God bless Windows Bloat.  Yes, this system 
is old, but considering that funds are tight, I decided just to add a new HD--
160 GB.  While doing so, I decided to go the multi-boot path.  I figured that 
giving my wife and the rest of the family some exposure to the open source world 
would be beneficial to both them and my wallet.

After re-installing XP, I installed DragonFly.  While I was successful in 
getting the OS onto said system, it wasn't as nice as I would have hoped.  I'm 
hoping that this message will get my frustrations onto the radar of people that 
can make a difference into it.

Initially, I wanted to have DragonFly installed on its own slice which I would 
carve out of the remaining free space (~130GB).  This is a fine and dandy idea, 
but the current installer doesn't support creating new slices, and gives a 
notice to use `fdisk` for that purpose.  That's fine, I can live with that.  
Back to the shell I went and started said application.

Has anyone used fdisk for such purpose lately?  Has anyone *SUCCESSFULLY* gotten 
 it to do this task?  I tried and tried with all all my might and could figure 
out this thing.  I got the size down with little trouble, but getting it to use 
a set of cylinders, heads, tracks, etc. that didn't overlap the already existing 
parition was an exercise in futility.  I tried all sorts of settings but they 
would all overlap the existing one.  Maybe I don't completely understand disc 
geometry, but when I see end cylinders/heads/etc. with lower values than the 
start ones, I believe something isn't right.  I even tried plugging in start 
values by hand.  The best I could get was it to ignore my settings and use 0, 0, 
0 for everything.

Rather than screw things up, I decided to install ubuntu and use their fdisk.  
After carving this out, DragonFly installed with no problem.

However, the thing I've neglected to mention is that this computer's only 
network connection is through a D-Link 520.  The GENERIC kernel couldn't find 
the device.  No biggie I think, I'll just build LINT.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE start including the src tree on installation disks.  
Compiling a kernel to support your only network card is SO much more difficult 
when there isn't a tree to build from.  I was able to download the source using 
ubuntu.  However, I encounter another problem.  Linux can't r/w ufs drives, and 
DragonFly can't mount ext3 filesystems.  No biggie I think, I'll format some of 
the unused part with a format both can use.  First, I tried the old FAT 
filesystem because I figured that was the Lowest Common Demoniator.  However, I 
forgot how low FAT filesystems go.  Word of warning to those in my shoes, our 
source tree uses files with different cases, these will clash on a case-less 
filesystem (of which fat is one).  Also, some of the files have a colon (:) in 
there name which causes FAT to freak.  Needless to say, it didn't work...

However, after repeating the same procedure with a filesystem both can use 
(ext2), I finally got my source tree copied over and successfully rebuilt world 
and a new LINT kernel.  Then, I reboot...

Only to have LINT print out a solitary '' after the Fred Menu.  ACPI on/off, 
safe mode, doesn't make a difference.  The best I can do is drop to the loader 
prompt and boot the old kernel.

Ideas?  I'm at the point now where all I can do is laugh.  However, I'm also at 
a point now where I *will* get to the top of the mountain.  I no longer care how 
bad the snowstorm or how long the distance is, I WILL GET THERE!!!!

Also, You can see the generic DMESG and the list of source files that can't copy 
to a DOS parition at:




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