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partition invalid or corrupt

From: william opensource4you <william.os4y@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 11 Nov 2011 07:36:47 +0100


I'm willing to give a try to dragonfly, but grub does not boot it ;-(

I have 2 disks: Disk 1 contains netbsd and freebsd on primary
partitions (p1, p2) and Linux on secondary partition (p5). Disk 2 has
pcbsd on primary partition (p1), and I've prepared a 15GB partition
(p2) for dfbsd..

I'm using an iso of dfbsd 2.10.1 and follow the installation
procedure. I'm selecting ufs for this partition and.skip the
installation.of boot0cfg.
All rest is going well.

In my grub (managed by my linux: last fedora) I've put (same as for
netbsd and freebsd):
Root (hd1,1,a)
Chainloader +1

But, when booting, i receive a message saying "partition table invalid
or corrupted "

I cannot mount my dfbsd neither from Linux, neither from netbsd nor
freebsd. But by rebooting with the dfbsd cdrom, i can mount my
partition 2 of the disk 2 !!!
Does it means that the partition is good ?

I've rerun the grub-install. But this has no effect.

Within the dfbsd mailing list i see that several persons are using
grub too without problems.

Does someone can guide me ?
Why does grub see correctly my freebsd and netbsd partitions, even
pcbsd one, and not dfbsd?

Thanks for.your.advice


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