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Re: Dragonflybsd Presentation

From: Eduardo Tongson <propolice@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 23 Feb 2005 12:21:43 +0800

> Slide two, last bullet.  Replace "which" with "who" so that the bullet
> reads:  Brainchild of Matt Dillon who started ...
> Same bullet:  Could probably also lose the "to" in front of "work".  It
> sounds better without the to, but it may not be correct formal English.

You're right

> Slides 3, 5, 11:  you really should put a space in front of the opening
> paranthese, makes it a lot easier to read.

Hmm didn't notice that

> Those are the only nits I could find to pick.  :)  Very nicely done.
> --
> Freddie Cash, CCNT CCLP        Helpdesk / Network Support Tech.
> School District 73             (250) 377-HELP [377-4357]
> fcash@xxxxxxxxxx               helpdesk@xxxxxxxxxx

Thanks for the suggestions 
I'll work on it later

Eduardo Tongson     
Key fingerprint : 0A86 79BA 3EC1 4B34 0D65  0E05 F9EC 98A2 6033 AC66

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