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Re: Dragonflybsd Presentation

From: Bill Hacker <wbh@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 22 Feb 2005 23:37:12 +0800

Eduardo Tongson wrote:


size: 133337 bytes

After all the suggestions, corrections and comments
I hope I didn't fuct up somewhere.
but as usual corrections are very welcome

DragonFlyBSD community thank you very much...

Eduardo Tongson

This is coming 'late in the game', and not a correction, but page two:

- Would it be advantageous, since you do list Slowlaris, to also position the threading model of a couple of other still-prominent UNIX variants?

AIX5-L in particular, plus perhaps HP-UX / True64.

I think it would show DragonFly's goal-model very favorably vs legacy 'Big Iron'.

Page 11.

I *shudder* when I see the word 'distro', as it implies Linanarchy - where items seem to be collected on the whim of any of 200+ entities.

The BSD's have traditionally been more of a 'whole' system, where everything needed is there, tested at soem point in time, and proven to work together.

Despite code changes and a tilt toward binary vs source dissemination, I have seen no departure from that proven model.

Can a word be found that better reflects BSD-style cohesiveness? 'Releases' comes first to my mind....

Page 12.

Any way to juggle that so as to sqeeze in an extra half-line spacing between the rows? Very eye-confusing as it is now.
Optionally - put in a descriptor of what each one is, take an extra page or two if need be...

Just my HKD .02


Bill Hacker

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