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Re: GSOC : a filesystem indexer

From: Alex Hornung <ahornung@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2012 21:11:46 +0100


On 28/03/12 02:25, Joris GIOVANNANGELI wrote:
> * Implement inotify interface - 5 weeks.
> Make full use of the dragonfly plateform. I will have to decide whether
> i  copy the linux architecture in order to make it easy to port things
> like fanotify or if i focus on implementing inotify itself.
> * create a simple library and a service to handle indexing - 1 month.
> Use an unified database format. I can write a basic noSQL database or
> use something existing. I will have to compare both solutions. We should
> be able to attach metadatas to files in order to allow complex queries.
> We could provide user defined properties. At this point, we could
> consider tracker or similar projects, which does a similar job via its
> miner-fs, or coding our own thing.
> * adapt existing tools to make use of this index - 1 month.
> Locate, whish, whereis could gain a lot of advanced search features.
> Maybe y might write another tool to make advanced search or add it to
> locate or find.

While this is a good start, I would suggest that in your proposal you go
into more details, in particular the first part - the inotify interface.
You should research it some more and ideally outline what changes you
want to implement where and what the approach you'll take - or at least
what options there are (with technical details of each).

We generally also like to see prior experience/code in proposals. So
please add some reference to some code/patch/etc that you have written -
and ideally ended up in some open source project. Alternatively it's
always an option to go through our bugtracker and maybe fix an easy bug
or two.


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