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Re: GsoC project

From: Alex Hornung <ahornung@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2012 21:14:53 +0100


On 27/03/12 10:05, Atul Agrawal wrote:
> Frankly speaking,I am not able to understand what the organisation want
> me to do.
> So kindly help.I will try to learn more new concepts if required.
> And people from our college having the same skill have successfully done
> this course which is giving me a green signal.

I think I already replied to you on IRC, but just in case I didn't I'll
post a reply here.

This is really not how it works - if you don't understand the project,
it is not really suitable for you. We are not going to walk you through
the project in baby-steps, gsoc is mostly about working on your own with
some guidance.

Before applying to any gsoc project, I recommend you do research the
project(s) you intend to submit proposals for in a lot of detail so that
you can come up with a good technical proposal.


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