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Re: Bug Tracking System [Was: Re: final thoughts - bug tracking system]

From: Miguel Filipe <miguel.filipe@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 19 Sep 2005 00:53:45 +0100

	- website interaction: view, submit bg report
       -  website interaction: manage bug reports
	- email interaction: recieve bug updates
	- be available to us at no cost
        - data storage with open format (to make migration to other
system possible if needed)
        - do _NOT_ burden developers with extra development work.
        - website interaction: fast/easy bug report
        - website interaction: keyword search
        - website interaction: anonymous bug report
	- email interaction: submit bug report
        - run natively on DragonFly
	- integration with CVS
	- website interaction: user registration
        - bugfixing assignment, responsibility
        - easy to mantain/administer
        - open source
	- BSD licensed

PS: I'm only a user.

Miguel Sousa Filipe

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