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Re: Anybody working on removing sendmail from base?

From: Timothy Cava <timothy@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 26 Sep 2003 10:39:33 -0700

Robert Garrett wrote:
Timothy Cava wrote:

David Rhodus wrote:

Before we can start to remove packages like sendmail we need to have
established our packaging system. Perhaps starting to work on a new
installer framework or a package control system would be more suited
at this current time.

Somebody smarter than me will have to work on this, they're large projects that require direction. I'd have to start from scratch to know where that is...

Once we at least have our package control mechanism wrote and tested
only can we then look at removing large chunks of the tree. Trying to do
so at this stage is too early on and would only destabilize the system
and one that is not really in active development at this time.

It will be interesting to see our new system when it's written. Perhaps I can help at a later date, once I have more time, know what language its in, the big picture, etc.


Theres no reason why a framework to use either a different mta, or log the crap that gets emailed to root, couldn't be put in place
before the new installation/package management system is written.
it doesnt interfere with anything, and as far as userland stability goes, its not gonna hurt us..


Definately. I'd like to start that so that when we -do- change the way mail inherently works in base, it will be seamless. Also then qmail people, etc., will be able to use things in /etc and not feel that something is "broken".

If anybody is interested, I also have a patch to STABLE's login from
some time ago that adds checking ~/Maildir at login (FreeBSD's login
doesn't care whether MAIL is a directory, so people who set their MAIL
to ~/Maildir always get "You have mail.".


P.S. The while in checkmaildir() isn't really necessary, if any
file that doesn't begin with a . exists, there's mail, but I had
a version which said "You have %d new email%s"...


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