Alex Hornung

About me

I'm an Electronic Engineer, interested in operating systems, low level and hardware development, and this is why I got involved in the DragonFly project. I have contributed to several parts of the kernel and drivers in my spare time, as can be seen below.

My contributions

DevFSDevice File SystemDragonFly 2.3
Active disk probing probes for on-disk metadata on connection of device, instead of on openDragonFly 2.3
Unix98 pty supportDragonFly 2.3
Writing/updating/porting several drivers(e.g. hifn, glxsb, cs5536, nsclpcsio, kbdmux, vn, ...)DragonFly 2.5
Kernel minidump supportported from FreeBSDDragonFly 2.5
GPIO framework a general purpose I/O framework, modelled after OpenBSD'sDragonFly 2.5
Watchdog Frameworka watchdog framework, modelled after OpenBSD'sDragonFly 2.5
Linux Emulation (Linuxulator) updated to linux kernel 2.6 syscallsDragonFly 2.5
dschedan I/O Scheduler Framework, allowing for pluggable I/O scheduling policiesDragonFly 2.7
dsched FQ policya dsched fair queueing policyDragonFly 2.7
proplibport from NetBSDDragonFly 2.7
dmdevice mapper, port from NetBSD, including lvm2 userland partDragonFly 2.7
dm crypt targetA disk encryption target (think dm-crypt, geom eli, ...) compatible with Linux cryptsetupDragonFly 2.7
initrd supportSupport for an initial ramdisk, a la Linux initramfs/initrd, which can be used to mount a supported FS from any volume as root mount (for example lvm, crypt and iscsi volumes)DragonFly 2.7
udevd, libdevattrA device enumeration library and supporting daemon a la Linux libudevDragonFly 2.7
opencrypto improvementsinvolved in improving the performance of the software crypto (cryptosoft) by taking advantage of multiple CPU cores, as well as several fixesDragonFly 2.7

Ongoing work

ContributionDescriptionExpected release
dm mirror targetA mirror target for the device mapperDragonFly 2.7 or 2.9
dsched documentationAPI documentation, examples, ...DragonFly 2.7

How to reach me?

Easiest thing to do is to try to find me on IRC (efnet, #dragonflybsd). My nick there is alexh. If you feel more like sending me an email, do so to ahornung _at_ or alexh _at_