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UDEVD(8)	       DragonFly System Manager's Manual	      UDEVD(8)


udevd -- udev daemon


udevd [-d]


The udevd daemon attaches itself to the kernel's udev interface, /dev/udev and provides an interface for the devattr(3) library to access the kernel's udev events and device properties. The udevd daemon has to be running for the devattr(3) library to work. The options are as follows: -d Debug option. Causes udevd to not go to the background. The udevd utility creates the file /var/run/udevd.pid, and stores its process id there. This can be used to kill udevd.


devattr(3), rc.conf(5) DragonFly 4.3 September 17, 2010 DragonFly 4.3