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Re: What is the minimal memory requirement for HAMMER?

From: Chris Turner <c.turner@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 22 Dec 2011 15:55:20 -0600

This value is tunable - an old P4/512Mb box required me to do the below locally, which alleviated the issue (though did impact running memory)

See also the description in the LINT config / your current running values
based on your warning looks like you'll want to try 4096 or so if your
system can afford it.

(not sure if this has to be ^2 but always good to assume things do when
 dealing with kernel knobs)


- Chris

$ git diff GENERIC
diff --git a/sys/config/GENERIC b/sys/config/GENERIC
index e117741..7a1e790 100644
--- a/sys/config/GENERIC
+++ b/sys/config/GENERIC
@@ -4,6 +4,10 @@
 # Check the LINT configuration file in sys/config, for an
 # exhaustive list of options.

+# dev02 low memory / hammer cleanup hack
+options                NBUF=8192
+#end dev02 low memory / hammer cleanup hack
 platform       pc32
 machine                i386
 machine_arch   i386

On 12/20/11 11:39, Zenny wrote:

I am trying to experiment with HAMMER with a spare PIII/500Mhz old
machine with 256MB of RAM. I installed the RELEASE-2.10 version of
DFBSD.  But when I try to execute "hammer cleanup", it spits out an
error that reads:

"hammer: System has insufficient buffers to rebalance the tree. nbuf< 3969"

However, when I checked in the archive of the mailinglist
it states that 128MB is the minimal requirement, right?!

In that case the hw that I am using exceeds the minimal requirement
and still spits out the error, which reportedly due to the low memory

Please throw some light! (Very dark here in Scandinavia during winters
like this) ;-)

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