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Re: Why did you choose DragonFly?

From: Robert Garrett <robgar@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 27 Sep 2010 07:37:33 -0700

Samuel J. Greear wrote:

> This mail is intended for the infrequent responders and lurkers on the
> list just as much as the regular posters.
> What has drawn you to use the DragonFly BSD operating system and/or
> participate in its development by following this list? Technical
> features, methodologies, something about the community? I suspect the
> HAMMER filesystem to be the popular choice, but what other features
> affect or do you see affecting your day to day life as an
> administrator, developer, or [insert use case here], now or in the
> future?
> Thanks in advance for your response.
> Best,
> Sam

First some history. I started with the project very early on, nearly from
Matts initial email to the freebd mailing lists announcing the project. At
the time doing anything with FreeBSD to me, just seemed like slogging
through mud. In all fairness FreeBSD was going through some changes back
then. However working on dfly was simply fun. No arguments,   no silliness
about we have always done it this way, and will always do it this way 
regardless of how whatever your idea is performs in practice.
 The first argument that I remember with dfly was a minor one, and the
solution, in this case was both improvements where committed. It became
apperant very early that whatever the topic the merit of what was suggested
was what decisions where going to based on. Now on  to some more subtle

1. We all know about the unobtainable goal of ssi. How about one of the
other goals of the dragonfly project. That those involved in the project
learn from the project. 
2. The people, purely and simple in no other project could I have been gone
for as long as I was -- several years, and then just been accepted back
into the fold as if I had never left. A few simple hi Robs...  and a
message to corecode, and matt to update my keys on leaf, and crater. 
3. then theres varysms, rcenable and friends, HAMMER, Vkernels and a whole
bunch of other cool stuff. Thats hard to live without now..
4. Working on dfly is still fun. You still feel like you are accommplishing
something, without worrying about it being rejected for some reason, not
even related to the code itself.


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