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Re: SAS RAID controllers support

From: Freddie Cash <fjwcash@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 1 Feb 2010 08:48:37 -0800

On Mon, Feb 1, 2010 at 4:41 AM, Francois Tigeot <ftigeot@wolfpond.org> wrote:
On Mon, Feb 01, 2010 at 12:02:38PM +0100, Francois Tigeot wrote:
> I'm curious about the state of hardware RAID controllers in DragonFly.
> Would a LSI1068-E controller be usable with DragonFly-2.4 ?

This page answers my question for this controller:


LSI1068e is *not* usable at all.

You'd be better off going with separate PCI-X/PCIe controllers.  Not sure about DragonFlyBSD, but FreeBSD fully supports these cards (mpt(4), mfi(4), twa(4)):

4-port PCI-X:  LSI SAS 3041X-R 
8-port PCI-X:  LSI SAS 3080X-R

4-port PCIe:  LSI SAS 3041E-R
8-port PCIe:  LSI SAS 3081E-R

There's also the 3Ware cards (these are SAS and SATA):

4-port PCIe:  LSI 3Ware 9690SA-4I
8-port PCIe:  LSI 3Ware 9690SA-8I

These are SATA, but include support for mini-SAS connectors and do work with SAS drives:

4-port PCIe:  LSI 3Ware 9650SE-4LPML
8-port PCIe:  LSI 3Ware 9650SE-8LPML

4-port PCI-X:  LSI 3Ware 9550SXU-4LP
8-port PCI-X:  LSI 3Ware 9550SXU-8LP

Freddie Cash

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