DragonFly users List (threaded) for 2009-02
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DragonFly users List (threaded) for 2009-02
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Re: 2.2 Release Progress Update #2

From: Bill Hacker <wbh@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 15 Feb 2009 21:57:28 +0800

Matthew Dillon wrote:
    We are on track to release 2.2 in about a week, around Feb 15th or so.
    The master branch remains in soft-freeze through Thursday as 2.2 work
    continues to be committed to it and then git-merged into the 2.2 branch.

    Testing is going very well on all fronts.  I'm working up a feature
    list which I hope to post next week some-time.  I will be traveling
    a bit for work-related reasons but I should be able to stay online.

    The 2.2 release will be our first featuring an official DVD ISO image
    in addition to the CD ISO image, the idea originating with the SOC
    project last year with tons of enhancements since.  We also have a USB
    thumb drive image feature written by Michael Neumann and may generate
    an official image for that too.

    The more complex pkgsrc support for the release build infrastructure,
    written by Sascha Wildner, has made it possible to trivially build
    larger DVD ISO images containing many pre-installed packages.  The
    first DVD ISO release weighs in at about a gigabyte and is expected
    to be expanded in future release cycles.

Matthew Dillon <dillon@backplane.com>

Questions w/r Rel 2.2 and HAMMER:

Query 1:

I've just started running 2.3.0 DEVELOPMENT of 11 FEB 09, which has version 1 of HAMMER, calls Version 2 a WIP.

- Will 2.2 have the Version 2 / 'WIP' or otherwise?

Query 2:

w/r an example in man 5 hammer

AR:(word-wrap aside)

     Mirroring can be set up using HAMMER's pseudo file systems.
     To associate the slave with the master its shared UUID should
     be set to the master's shared UUID as output by the hammer
     pfs-master command.

hammer pfs-master /home/pfs/master

hammer pfs-slave /home/pfs/slave shared-uuid=<master's shared uuid>

First line of the return indicates success. Creating PFS #XX suceeded!

However - where /home is itself a pfs mount, as in the default install, a warning message will follow on the next three lines:
You are attempting to access a PFS softlink... et al

Further operations fail with that error message and/or no such file.


IF one works from the root of the fs instead of form the PFS mounts:

hammer pfs-master /pfs/master

(details returned)

hammer pfs-slave /pfs/slave shared-uuid=<from above return>

(details returned)

hammer mirror-copy /pfs/master /pfs/slave

Throws the next roadblock.

WEF 2.3.0 it appears that these now are now automagically nullfs mounted as a byproduct of the above - eg: it returns:

'Cannot access PFS /pfs/master: No such file or directory

But there is good news:

w/o the 'pfs':

hammer mirror-copy /master /slave

Mirror-read: Mirror from <long ID > to <either long ID>
Mirror-read /master suceeded.

Confirmed by the presence of a test.txt file in both.

QED. And a failover mailstore is salivating in anticipation of this...

OTOH - I'm not yet able to get the user@host via ssh remote equivalent to work, with or without a pre-existing slave on the target.

I thought it was to be possible to mount at points other-than '/' such as to make selected substs available / exportable / mirror-able?

I have man 5 hammer, man 8 hammer, and such messages in the newsgroup as I could find.

What else am I missing?


Bill Hacker

mount_null /pfs/master /master

but did NOT allow:

mount_null /pfs/slave /slave

with a
. .despite citing the matching pfs number in the error message.

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