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Re: boot problem, disk mess.. thinking of suicide.

From: Erik Wikström <erik-wikstrom@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2006 15:56:25 +0200

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On 2006-09-28 15:45, Vladimir Mitiouchev wrote:
> 2006/9/28, Erik Wikström <erik-wikstrom@xxxxxxxxx>:
>> from kernel when files change. What would have been really nice in this
>> situation is ZFS, which has built-in checksums.
> DragonFly supports ZFS, right? Is it stable enough to run system-for-fun?

No, not yet. But work on porting it will probably start when Matt has 
finished his kernel-in-userland work, provided that some developer (or 
user) finds the time to port it.

Erik Wikström

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