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boot problem, disk mess.. thinking of suicide.

From: "Vladimir Mitiouchev" <vovcia@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 25 Sep 2006 08:33:49 +0200

Last night was like a nightmare...
I was compiling DF kernel.. I really like it. I do it all the time.
When I typed "F12", which on my hax0r (;-P) keyboard means "make
installkernel" it ran and... I saw a LOT OF errors from kernel, in
h4x0rized (;-P) red color on my beutiful DF console (R.I.P.). It was
something like UDMA CRC error or sth. Nothing happy at all. I was sure
that disk was alright. (200GB IDE sh**).  I remembered problems with
that cheap 80-wire IDE cable. My friend smashed it, but it worked.. a
few weeks... really. So i've changed the cable and power on my HP
Vectra PII 400MHz monster.. And it said: F2: DragonFly. I smiled and
pressed Return... I saw the DF Fred, pressed Return again.. It started
to load the kernel. And stopped.  I was spanking my keyabord until
pcspkr started to scream, so i turned off the computer and smoke a
cigarette. I ran DF LiveCD, did fsck... It was complete mess, but i
recovered about 90% of system and 100% of my private data. I smiled,
and did a coffee brake. Than reboot... The same. So, fdisk -b
/dev/ad0, disklabel -B /dev/ad0s2... Reboot and.. Missing operating
system. I've searched Google. And realized that last time i did fdisk
-B was on powerful machine, like PIV or sth. And on that HP monster,
BIOS recognize only 65GB on the disk. So it can be some geometry sh**
with boot0. But i dont have another computer to check it now... Is
there some black forces in my fingers? Or i'm stupid? What should i
do? Kill myself with plastic knife, or fight and get my lovely
losalamos working? Please, help..

Sincerely Yours,
Vladimir Mitiouchev

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