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Re: (u)ral driver

From: "Chris Rawnsley" <rawprawns@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 23 Feb 2006 20:52:02 +0000

Thank you for your replies :)
I have tried your suggestions and to some degree things look
promising. Let me just outline what I've done so possible mistakes can
be spotted.
Firstly, I grabbed myself a copy of the DFBSD source using cvsup. I
copied an example file for cvsup to another directory where I edited
it (or rather checked it, didn't need to change anything). Then I ran
cvsup like so:

# cvsup /usr/shar/cvsup/DragonFly-cvs-supfile
 So then the source downloaded to /home/dcvs. I then got myself a copy
of ral.diff.gz and extracted it to /tmp.

# cd /home/dcvs/src/sys
#patch -p0 /tmp/ral.diff

The patch seemed to apply successfully (although I cannot scroll up
enough to see fully. I know I can press scroll lock then use Page
Up/Down but it doesn't go far enough for me to see. Is there some way
I can increase this?).
Now I am stuck. Where should I get the ural source from?

Can I also just check that, even though the diff was originally
intended for the ral driver it will work for the ural driver too?

Thank you again for the support you've given me.

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