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Re: Python in base?

From: Oliver Fromme <check+inl4si00rsbhddo4@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 29 Sep 2005 16:27:39 GMT

esmith <esmith@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
 > Is Python GPL?

It's BSD-style, as others have pointed out.

 > If it is, there is no chance of having Python in the base 
 > distribution, correct?

I like Python very much myself, it's one of my favourite
programming languages.  In fact, it's installed on all of
my machines, and I wrote a few web pages advocating Python
and introducing it to beginners [*].

Having said that -- In my opinion, there's no good reason
to include Python in the base system (no matter whether
it's DragonFly or FreeBSD).  Python is not required by any-
thing else in the base system.  If you would like to use
Python, installing it as a package (from source or binary)
is very trivial.

Best regards

PS:  [*]  http://www.secnetix.de/~olli/Python/


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