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Re: DragonFly on a Pocket (210M) CD-R?

From: Oliver Fromme <check+inl4si00rsbhddo4@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 29 Sep 2005 16:10:20 GMT

Matthew Dillon <dillon@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
 > :
 > :How difficult would it be to make a custom DFly CD that would be just enough
 > :to get my laptop up and running?  As long as I can restore some config files
 > :from a different CD, dhcp an interface, and then fetch source, I think I'd be
 > :ok.  I like the idea of a small restore CD for general reasons, even though I
 > :remember Matt saying DFly had finally outgrown one.  But I was wondering if a
 > :special purpose CD could be built without *too* much work.
 > :
 > :jcm
 >    The answer is yes, you should be able to easily fit DragonFly onto
 >    one of those mini-CD's.  The main release has indeed outgrown 210MB,
 >    but if you build a normal release and then cd into /usr/release/root
 >    I'll bet you can find bunches of things in there that can be removed,
 >    then regenerate the ISO.

Indeed there are a few things which come to mind which are
probably not needed on a rescue CD:

 - static libraries (/usr/lib/*.a)
 - aout compat files
 - man pages (but keep the cat pages; they're smaller)
 - /usr/include
 - /usr/games
 - /usr/share/doc (except maybe a copy of handbook.txt.bzip2)
 - most of the locales (/usr/share/locale)
 - most of the time zones (/usr/share/zoneinfo)
 - probably more stuff from /usr/share
 - If you don't plan to compile things from the rescue CD,
   you can also get rid of the compiler toolchain, debugger
   and related things.

And there's certainly more that can be removed.  The above
will account for at least 50 Mbyte (rough guess).

Best regards


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