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Re: More on vinum woes

From: Gabriel Ambuehl <gaml@xxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 14 Sep 2005 10:48:10 +0200

Dave Hayes wrote:

>Might I ask the exact model number of the 3ware card(s) you use for
>RAID 5? If I do things this way I've got to buy two at the same time,
>and I'd like to be accurate. ;)
I've used two 6400 and one 7800 and I can only recommend AGAINST them.
Out of those 3, two (one 6400 and the 7800) kept kicking out drives out
of arrays for no understandable reason (means you could rebuild the
array with the very same drives after that only to have it kick out
another drive soon thereafter).

For cards, that cost 500$, that's simply inacceptable to me. And the
support didn't even answer any mails and searches on Google showed I'm
by no means alone with this issue (and others didnt get any help from
3ware either, aside of a few that were being told to dump the NVRAM of
the controller but usually without a howto...).

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