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Re: More on vinum woes

From: David Cuthbert <dacut@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 13 Sep 2005 20:23:01 -0700

Matthew Dillon wrote:
True to a degree, but I think software raid is even worse. [...]

    And lets not even talk about the idiotic not-really-hardware-raid
    controllers like (I think) the promise.  That reaches a level of
    craziness that makes me shudder.

Given some experience here, I'd say that software RAID is far, far better than pseudo-RAID. I've had a Promise card do some horrible things to a RAID-1 array...

Never had a problem with software RAID (either Linux or Vinum). This is on personal workstations, though, and not a server supporting a workgroup or anything enterprise class. Of course, in an enterprise environment (or any how-many-9's pissing match :-), you should be considering nothing less than a SCSI RAID setup.

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