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Re: 12GB RAM with DfBSD?

From: Filip Wuytack <filip@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 07 Sep 2005 10:59:58 +0100

Emiel Kollof wrote:
On Wednesday 07 September 2005 11:22, Filip Wuytack wrote:

Hi all,
But I was wondering before I start playing around if DF can address the full 12GB at all in it's current state? Or do I have to use any tricks? If i would get it run, I'm happy to do any benchmarks or stress tests with df if there's an interest...

AFAICR, DragonFly doesn't do PAE, so more than 4 GB won't be addressable. I don't know of any plans to implement PAE though. It's kind of a bitch to do for IA32. It also doesn't do 64-bit long mode yet, but if we did, 12GB would be perfectly okay :)


Thanks. I'll have to stick to FreeBSD then... :(

Do know when DragonFly would support 64-bit? Can DF easily be ported to AMD64 (have any of the changes the DF team to their 4.x FBSD kernel made this step more trivial) or does it come down to a full rewrite of DF for 64bit?

It seems to me that their natural target, servers, will in the near future more often then not be configured with > 4GB.

~ Filip

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