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Re: No version tags on Preview?

From: Dave Hayes <dave@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 04 Sep 2005 15:15:27 -0700

[ This will teach me to be clearer. :) ]

Simon Schubert <Simon> writes:
> Dave Hayes wrote:
>> I only find the "DragonFly_Preview" tag. Checking the obvious
>> /usr/src/sys/conf I find a subvers-DEVELOPMENT_1_3 file that lists
>> some versions: I know the difference between 4 and 5 is major.
> I don't understand what you try to say here.

Walt writes:
> That's very strange.  I see a total of 13 entries in the
> 'tags' dropdown menu, including Dragonfly_Preview, of course.

You are both correct. What I meant was that I found no tags of the
form "DragonFly_Preview_<version>". Hence when I go to cvsup the
sources, I can't get exactly those sources that built the preview
CD. Simon Schubert thankfully explains why:

Simon Schubert <Simon> writes:
>> 1) How do I get 1.3.4 source? This would be the source code to what is
>> on the Preview CD I was invited to try by the Wiki. I am presuming
>> what I just cvsupped from the DragonFly_Preview tag would be 1.3.5.
> 1.3.4 is just some point in time and doesn't have an accompanying cvs 
> tag.  What you get depends on which checkout date you choose.  Usually 
> that's the current time.  

I see. That is what I wanted to know. Thanks!

>> If someone properly summarizes the state of affairs of the tags,
>> I'll take 5 minutes and put it in the documentation (again presuming
>> you are using some form of docbook).
> I think they are summed up in the wiki.  

Hmm, a humble request? If you say "<x> is in the wiki", can you
provide a URL to that wiki page? :) I put "cvs tags" in the search
engine and I got:


. ..which isn't what I was looking for. 

> If not somebody will do so shortly.  Putting it into docbook is a
> very good idea!

By "documentation" I meant "the handbook". It sure looks like the
handbook is written from some sort of docbook source:

( From: http://leaf.dragonflybsd.org/~justin/handbook/cvs-tags.html )
. ..
<meta name="GENERATOR" content="Modular DocBook HTML Stylesheet Version 1.7" />
. ..
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