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Re: Interesting ubench scores for FreeBSD 4.11, 5.4, 6.0beta3 and DFly-Preview

From: Tomaž Borštnar <tomaz.borstnar@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 03 Sep 2005 19:41:51 +0200

Kris Kennaway wrote:
Latest DFly-preview has best Ubench AVG of 106030, because of 2nd best memory score (124353) and balanced CPU score (87707). Also good was FreeBSD 6beta3/amd64 with Ubench AVG of 101448, because of balanced CPU (102455) and memory score (100441). Seems like extra registers in long mode help quite a bit. Third was FreeBSD 5.4/i386 with Ubench AVG of 94304 - mostly because of best memory score (130602) and not so good CPU score (58006). Hardly behind was FreeBSD 4.11
with Ubench AVG of 94296 - decent, but slower CPU score (84431) and very nice memory score (104161). FreeBSD 6beta3/i386
was severly behind all of them with Ubench AVG of 55968 - with cpu of 59138 and memory of 52799.

I wish DFly had better CPU score :) But it still has best score among 32bit OS systems!

As usual, YMMV :)

Did you remember to disable the debugging features in FreeBSD 6
(WITNESS, INVARIANTS, malloc debugging)?  If not, you're incurring a
significant (usually >30%) performance penalty, which is consistent
with your numbers.
I checked FreeBSD 6beta3/i386 again - i forgot to reboot with new kernel which I did this time. The only visible change is much better memory score - 98040 this time(!), while CPU was 59062. Almost 100% more from 52799 with GENERIC debug kernel! But average score is still low compared to others - 78551.


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