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Re: user/group admin tools

From: Tom hummel <tom@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 31 Aug 2005 01:17:47 +0000

> :		- Liam J. Foy
>     From the dicussion so far it looks like we want these.  We may not
>     be able to immediately remove the old utilities, especially since I'm
>     sure a lot of scripts use them, but the new ones have got a lot of
>     things going for them and I think we want to shift focus to them.

I remember the first encounter with 'pw', which wasn't a bad experience
at all. At this time, I only knew Linux/Solaris useradd userdel etc.
There was something about Linux that I disliked alot, it was the
existence of useradd adduser groupadd addgroup...

Having to look into the manpage of the one I suspected to be the one I
expected to be, was nothing but annoying. 'pw' came in very handy
because no dork could strole in, call it 'wp' and slightly changed the
way it's doing the same job.

conclusion: I like 'pw'


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