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BSDCan 2005 - Work In Progress session

From: "Dan Langille" <dan@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 19 Apr 2005 23:26:06 -0400

Hello folks,

This year, BSDCan will be hosting a set of Work-in-Progress (WIP) 
sessions, which will offer an opportunity for individuals or groups 
to give up to five minute presentations on a on-going project.  
Slides are permitted but not obligatory, but pictures are highly 
recommended! Typical topics for WIPs might include new open source 
software projects, specific works in progress for future releases of 
existing projects, student projects, or other new and interesting 
things.  WIP topics this year may make good conference papers for 
next year!  

A one hour time slot is available for WIPs, so the number of slots is 
limited!  Sign up well in advance to be assured a spot.  Please e-
mail papers@xxxxxxxxxx to sign up -- send a one or two paragraph 
summary of the topic to be presented, and the person(s) presenting 
it.  Also, please give a time estimate -- typically times will be one 
to five minutes. The time limit will be strictly enforced.  The WIP e-
mail registration deadline is May 6, after which remaining slots (if 
any) may be signed up for in person.  Any slides must be provided in 
advance, in PDF, Open Office, or Powerpoint format.  The WIP session 
will be chaired by Robert Watson.  The deadline for slides is 
midnight Friday 13 May 2005 and they should be sent to 

See you at BSDCan 2005!

Dan Langille : http://www.langille.org/
BSDCan - The Technical BSD Conference - http://www.bsdcan.org/
   NEW brochure available at http://www.bsdcan.org/2005/advocacy/

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