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Re: Considering AMD64 laptop

From: Matthew Dillon <dillon@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 13 Jan 2005 16:20:00 -0800 (PST)

:I had an eMachines 6805, AMD64, for a week in March 2003.  Everything worked
:fine that I tried in FreeBSD and is on the Freebsd compatiblity list.  I 
:say only a
:week because in that period I returned 3 for having bad pixels.  The 
:last one I took
:home all we did was put a DVD in to watch movies and look for bad 
:pixels.  Ten
:minutes into the movie that one got a spot about 5/15" in diameter like 
:the others. 
:Store said this was unusual, but a salesman told me that eMachines must 
:have got
:a bad batch of screens because they had a lot of returns in the last few 
:Ended up with an HP tower with an AMD64 and DragonFlyBSD runs fine on it.

    What model HP ?

    My eMachines laptop (which only supported DragonFly poorly) 
    was the 6809.

:I got a Gateway laptop a week ago with an AMD64.  Everything that I have 
:from the live cd appears to work, just haven't had the time to install 
:df yet.
:ifconfig shows both network cards so I hope I can setup a home network 
:with the
:wireless card.  Never have done any networking so I hope I can get a 
:home network
:set up.

    The main things to try are:

    * network
    * USB
    * firewire (if it has it)

:A few weeks ago I got hold of a Compaq laptop that I could not get to 
:work with df,
:so I went looking for a laptop and while looking I ask the salesman if I 
:could try a
:live cd in a few laptops to see if it worked, explaining what would 
:happen.  He and
:the other salesman said no, but one said let me ask the manager.  The 
:manager ask
:will it make a sale and I said yes.  He said go ahead that he was 
:familiar with live cd's
:so I bought the one with the AMD64.

    If you remember the model number sfor the Gateway and Compaq
    please post them so I can create an appropriate annotation
    in the document I'm building.

					Matthew Dillon 

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