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Re: Considering AMD64 laptop

From: Bryan Berch <dfbsd@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 13 Jan 2005 18:47:03 -0500

Matthew Dillon wrote:

:Hi all,
:I have the opportunity to get an AMD64 laptop.  At this point in time,
:should I be able to get DFly installed without too much of a problem?  Based
:on what I have read, that would seem to be the case.
:The beaten path is for the beaten man.

   Well, I did get an eMachines laptop about 7 months ago or so,
   but DFly did not work very well on it (nor did FreeBSD).  The
   kernel had a whole lot of problems trying to route interrupts.

   I would recomment getting a laptop that people have already tried
   and found to work.

Matthew Dillon <dillon@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

I had an eMachines 6805, AMD64, for a week in March 2003. Everything worked
fine that I tried in FreeBSD and is on the Freebsd compatiblity list. I say only a
week because in that period I returned 3 for having bad pixels. The last one I took
home all we did was put a DVD in to watch movies and look for bad pixels. Ten
minutes into the movie that one got a spot about 5/15" in diameter like the others. Store said this was unusual, but a salesman told me that eMachines must have got
a bad batch of screens because they had a lot of returns in the last few weeks. Ended up with an HP tower with an AMD64 and DragonFlyBSD runs fine on it.

I got a Gateway laptop a week ago with an AMD64. Everything that I have tried
from the live cd appears to work, just haven't had the time to install df yet.
ifconfig shows both network cards so I hope I can setup a home network with the
wireless card. Never have done any networking so I hope I can get a home network
set up.

A few weeks ago I got hold of a Compaq laptop that I could not get to work with df,
so I went looking for a laptop and while looking I ask the salesman if I could try a
live cd in a few laptops to see if it worked, explaining what would happen. He and
the other salesman said no, but one said let me ask the manager. The manager ask
will it make a sale and I said yes. He said go ahead that he was familiar with live cd's
so I bought the one with the AMD64.


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