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Re: another logo idea

From: Zera William Holladay <zholla1@xxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 2 Jan 2005 15:31:57 -0600 (CST)

On Sun, 2 Jan 2005, Justin C. Sherrill wrote:

> It's pretty, but not so hot as a logo.  A graphic design needs to be
> reproducible and recognizable at a small size or in monochrome.  Is the
> photo you used in the public domain?

I don't know if the photo is in the public domain.  Frankly I'm not
worried about it since I'll just redraw the dragonfly by hand if anybody
likes the idea enough to use it (in the original photograph the dragonfly
is in a vertical position).  Thanks for the input thou, that's a very good

> It would probably be useful to have a contest similar to what NetBSD did
> to pick up some new work.  A coherent scheme that can fit with web and
> print materials would be nice.

That's a good idea too.  I don't know how much interest there'll be?

-Zera Holladay

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