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RE: perl utf8 help

From: "Smokin' Bert Cooper" <smokinbert@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 29 Oct 2004 13:15:42 -0500

You might want to apply the rest of the patches in:
(You already applied the mklocal.patch so don't apply that)

Also you need a terminal that is utf8 capable and a font
and then still the implementation is not complete.

What did happen with ls before any patches?
How can i repeat the problem case ?


i applied all the patches, and i'm using a utf-8 terminal. don't try tell me it's a problem on my end, it works with red hat for a long long time for all my users. try making a file name with asia letters, go to google.co.kr and copy paste some korea letters as a filename. ls show ???? before, now it show junk. ls -w shows it just fine, and the same thing work on red hat, so i think it something with the utf-8 encoding on dragonfly.

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