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Re: Summer of Code 2011 - who wants to mentor?

From: "Samuel J. Greear" <sjg@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 14 Feb 2011 18:39:55 -0700

> As you guys have described the responsibilities. I think I can be in for
> this one after Google Code-In. Also, I asked to proceed with iostat after
> helping Tim Bisson. What you guys say ....
> - Pratyush.


I believe we just need a rough count of available mentors right now
for the application process. Justin will poll everyone again when it
is actually time to sign up as a mentor. Thanks for throwing your hat
into the ring. -- what about iostat?

Google also definitely allows for "co-mentors", in case you or anyone
else is fairly sure they are capable of serving as mentor but not
positive -- or knows that they will have some time available but
perhaps not enough time.


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