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Re: Install Log

From: Adrian Nida <nida@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 18 Oct 2005 19:57:28 -0400

Quoting Chris Pressey <cpressey@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

> If all you're trying to do is manipulate the partition table on an
> existing disk that already contains partitions (which is what it sounds
> like you want to do) then you should TOTALLY NOT play with the disk
> geometry!!  There should be no need to (barring some sort of
> catastrophic situation) and the only good it'll do is to confuse the
> system even further.

Well, I was trying to create a new partition from existing free space.  I'm 
not sure if that matches the above or not.  I wasn't adjusting disk geometry 
though, just the start values for this new partition.  Believe me, I have 
enough fear of things to not attempt an altercation to the disk geometry 
values :-)

> > So either our fdisk should be more userfriendly or the installer
> > should  support creating slices.  I am really surprised to hear that
> > it can't.
> The beta has been able to partition a disk for several months now.
> One reason it's still beta is that hardly anyone has tested it under
> DragonFly.  It has seen a lot of testing under pfSense/FreeBSD, but I'm
> not certain whether the bugs that have been found are FreeBSD-specific
> or not.  My guess is that they probably apply to DragonFly too, so I'm
> not rushing to integrate it until they've been worked out.

I apologize for missing the call to test the new bsdinstaller beta (two 
herniated discs in my back have kept me on "the D-Low" for a few months now); 
but if you would like me to give it a go, I'll be happy to.  Please resend me 
the instructions to get it working, and I'll give you whatever feedback you 



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