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Re: X not working after upgrade to 3.4

From: Ivan Uemlianin <ivan@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 10 May 2013 11:57:12 +0100


1) system is i386

2) I did

     # make buildworld && make buildkernel && make installkernel
       && make installworld && make upgrade

     (and then reboot)

and after the X problems I tried

     # pkgin update
     # pkgn full-upgrade


     # cd /usr/pkgsrc/meta-pkgs/modular-xorg
     # bmake replace

     (and then reconfigure X)

Most packages are installed with pkgsrc, some with pkgin.

 > ... you are probably hit by avx upgrade.

Is that still the case based on the above?  "Advanced Vector 
Extensions"?  I shouldn't think the cpu in this ThinkPad x60 will have that.

 > Reinstall every package.

Can I do that with a single command?  Doing it manually is probably more 
bother than reinstalling DragonFly completely (which I'm prepared to do).

Best wishes


On 10/05/2013 11:23, John Marino wrote:
> On 5/10/2013 12:13, Ivan Uemlianin wrote:
>> Dear All
>> I recently installed DragonFly 3.2 and had X working (window manager,
>> firefox, mouse, etc). I have upgraded to 3.4. The upgrade seemed to go
>> smoothly but now X crashes with the error:
> 1) Is your system x86-64?
> 2) Did you rebuild all your software?  You must be using pkgsrc.
> If the answers are "yes" and "no" then you are probably hit by avx
> upgrade.  Reinstall every package.
> John

Ivan A. Uemlianin PhD
Speech Technology Research and Development


                         festina lente

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