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Unison and Hammer History

From: Predrag Punosevac <punosevac72@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 19 Jan 2013 00:11:53 -0500

Greetings all!

I am completely new to DragonFly BSD although not to BSDs in general and
this is my first post the list so bear with me just a little bit. 

I am running DragonFly (HAMMER file system of course) on Dell PowerEdge
R210 II Ultra-compact Rack Server. Everything works like a charm (let me
know if you need a dmesg).  This machine is a new file server for my
cloud computing lab. It essentially runs only one service SSH and has
only two pieces of additional software installed CVS and Unison. It is
supposed to act as a CVS server and a remote storage.

I am in the process of playing with HAMMER and writing wiki for my

I am a bit confused by the interplay of hammer history and Unison so I
was wondering if some kind soul could explain me what is going on?
Namely when I sync files with Unison from my home desktop the hammer
history shows as a date of the file creation the time of the last
synchronization. When I change files localy I can clearly see the
history and I can pull old versions from the journal. Why can't I see
file changes which are propagated with Unison from my desktop in the
hammer history?

Most Kind Regards,
Predrag Punosevac

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