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Re: pkgsrc DragonFly 2.7/x86_64 2010-05-07 10:42

From: Chris Turner <c.turner@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 10 May 2010 19:35:05 +0000

Justin C. Sherrill wrote:
Built on pkgsrc-2010Q1 and this is 64-bit.

How much of these is too much?  Once the quarterly release is relativly
stable in terms of fixes/updates, the builds happen rapidly.

Saw similar discussion in

Re: [issue1761] pkg sysutils/bacula : build works with 5.0.2

on bugs@ - moved here so the conversation isn't in bug report..

Justin C. Sherrill wrote:
> As a tool for making that easier, the output from each bulk build is
> available here:
> http://avalon.dragonflybsd.org/reports/
> ... though it's a lot of text to swim through.

I'm thinking if there's a way to get some kind of httpd config
to make the 'meta/report.html' the first page in each
build, it might simplify browsing - as long as the build-log-links

not sure how to do that though - running a script to generate
 rewrite_rules in .htaccess files in the top level might do the trick..

then e.g. a simple announcment, kind of like agc makes e.g. ' builds for this branch are available' would do..

also - as for log mailing list - maybe some kind of rss setup makes sense? ditto on 'not sure how to do that' - though could probably
be manually generated in a similar fashion..

on another note - maybe it makes sense to have some kind of branch in the git repo for 'build environment tools' (e.g. 'meata-pbulk')- I know I've got my own little scripts to manage my own bulks - this could e.g. make ppls environments more consistant and help w/pkgsrc patch flow

I'm personally trying to get more of a 'continuous build server' kind of setup going so I'm not constantly trying to fix the same 10 packages
at every release.. which theoretically would free up my time to actually
get those 10 packages fixed in-tree :)

anyhow.. some idears. perhaps these should be streamlined via discusison
and moved to the wiki?


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