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Re: Updating USB stack from FBSD 8.x and others

From: Oliver Fromme <check+kun9rc00rsjavfcc@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 14 Dec 2009 13:46:55 GMT

elekktretterr@exemail.com.au wrote:
 > > The problem with USB keyboards was fixed in FreeBSD
 > > recently.  Since DragonFly bascially shares the same
 > > loader, maybe it's time to sync it to FreeBSD.
 > Can you point me to a specific commit(s) ?

I'm sorry, I only remember that the problem was reported
to be solved on one of the mailing lists.  Personally
I never had such problems myself, so I didn't pay close
attention to those threads.

Also, at least two people reported that a workaround was
to connect a USB hub to their machines and then connect
the keyboard to that hub.  It's strange, but it worked.

Obviously there are a lot of very broken BIOSes out there,
each with its own quirks.

Peter Wemm even had a mainboard which turned off USB legacy
support depending on the slice's system ID in the MBR.
When he changed the ID of his BSD slice from 165 (0xA5)
to "msdos", his USB keyboard magically started to work,
but ACPI stopped working.  He ended up replacing the board
with something less crappy, IIRC.

PC hardware sucks.  :-(

Best regards

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