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Re: Site layout suggestion

From: Oliver Fromme <check+j7nbva00rsfdmpo0@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 24 Oct 2006 15:55:10 GMT

Erik Wikström wrote:
 > Also, if you know some clever way of reducing the line-length (currently 
 > getting 150-160 chars/line at 1280x1024) that would be nice. I said 
 > clever since it's just as bad if those with low resolution or larger 
 > text-size get only 30-40 characters per line.

You can specify the width relative to the font width.
For example, the following will render a section so
that there's an average of 70 characters per line:

<div style="width: 70ex">
<p> Your paragraphs go here ... </p>

The unit "ex" is about the size of the character "x"
in the currently active font, so it adapts well to
various screen resolutions and font sizes.

Best regards

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