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Re: DFly 1.4.4 and tulip NICs

From: "Matt Emmerton" <matt@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 11 Jul 2006 20:11:49 -0400

>Matt Dillon wrote:
>:I installed DFly 1.4.4 today and it proply panic'd with a problem in
>:tulip_rx_intr(), as described in this mail thread:

> Try burning a recent build of HEAD.   There's a good chance that the
> particular panic referenced (a serializer panic) is fixed in HEAD.  If
> not it can probably be fixed quickly.

Burned and installed a recent snapshot of HEAD, everything is working fine

>:I was dismayed to find that the DFly ISOs don't include sources, so I
>: can't patch this system and get it on the LAN.
>:[ Curiosity -- why is this done?  I tend to run on ancient hardware with
>:FreeBSD and having the sources around has allowed me to patch up drivers
>:get the systems running.  Are the sources really too large to include in
>:DFly ISO? ]

> The ISO has historically been made as minimal as possible.  I agree
> with you that the ISO should contain compilable kernel sources.  They
> dont have to be automatically installed, but we ought to be add them
> to the ISO as a gzip'd tar.

I see that Matt [ Dillon ] added this three days ago.  Yay!  Now that's what
I call an efficient process!

Matt Emmerton

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