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Re: GoBSD.com

From: Michael Powell <nightrecon@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 12 Dec 2004 10:39:13 -0500

Martin P. Hellwig wrote:

> Jonas Sundström wrote:
> <cut>
> I never understood, and I will probably never will understand why my 
> server in my server room 40 clicks away needs a GUI.
> Of course it's nice to have a GUI on my laptop, but IMHO a server 
> doesn't need to be a laptop/desktop and visa versa.
> Although it is possible and functional to use DF or any other BSD as a 
> desktop system I always realize that it does not _yet_ excel in that 
> position, where other systems like MacOsX and XP already do.
> The main reason for me to use it as a desktop system has all to do with 
> practice and testing (and fun of course) before I implement it at my 
> test server (and if thats ok'ed on to the production machines).
> But I must say that the lack of viruses and spyware has a certain 
> appeal, still I wouldn't dare to convert my old (of age) win users to 
> anything else, even if it would be simpler and better for them. Any 
> change would be to much change for them.
> To put it down, I would like to see a GoBSD add-on package ,complete 
> with all the blim-blim which is necessary to not scare away possible 
> converts even before the install is done.
> Perhaps even a desktop system that welcomes them after the install.
> Personally I would still download the "original" non GoBSD package iso 
> and install it with the built-in excellent bsdinstaller
> Which btw is what I expect to see if I want to install a server, nothing 
> blim-blim or other confusing visual candy, just get the job done and 
> move the machine in the rack as soon as possible.
> my €0,02

   Very nice, I couldn't have said it better myself. Total and complete
agreement here. You have no idea how *extremely* and thoroughly annoyed I
was to start an install of Oracle on Linux only to find that it used a
graphical installer requiring the use of X. 

   The only reason for X on a server is if you are setting up something
Citrix like. When I tried it with KDE, it worked but was slow compared to

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