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Re: GoBSD.com

From: "Martin P. Hellwig" <mhellwig@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 12 Dec 2004 14:28:50 +0100

Jonas Sundström wrote:
You are totally right about the X-configuration. But harddisk partitioning is also needed for Windows installs... And simple users
shoulnd't perform installs on their own. Mind: *simple* users.

Simple users should only use one OS, for simplicity, so they'd only need one partition option: "Use all disk".. Or just a big button that says "Install".

And I don't think Linux is really that user-friendly...

Me neither, but they do have more friendly installers and partitioning tools, and you're often booted all the way to a proper X login. (which is the entry-level expectation of most people)
I never understood, and I will probably never will understand why my server in my server room 40 clicks away needs a GUI.
Of course it's nice to have a GUI on my laptop, but IMHO a server doesn't need to be a laptop/desktop and visa versa.

Although it is possible and functional to use DF or any other BSD as a desktop system I always realize that it does not _yet_ excel in that position, where other systems like MacOsX and XP already do.

The main reason for me to use it as a desktop system has all to do with practice and testing (and fun of course) before I implement it at my test server (and if thats ok'ed on to the production machines).
But I must say that the lack of viruses and spyware has a certain appeal, still I wouldn't dare to convert my old (of age) win users to anything else, even if it would be simpler and better for them. Any change would be to much change for them.

To put it down, I would like to see a GoBSD add-on package ,complete with all the blim-blim which is necessary to not scare away possible converts even before the install is done.
Perhaps even a desktop system that welcomes them after the install.

Personally I would still download the "original" non GoBSD package iso and install it with the built-in excellent bsdinstaller
Which btw is what I expect to see if I want to install a server, nothing blim-blim or other confusing visual candy, just get the job done and move the machine in the rack as soon as possible.

my €0,02


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