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Packaging system (Re: June release?)

From: ibotty <me@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 25 Feb 2004 17:24:55 +0100

>> Ports equivalent?
> Hmm, I am iffy as to wether we will have an equivalent by
> then, since ~3/7 DragonFly developers are busy with
> stabilizing the kernel and userland and bringing them up to
> scratch on various fronts.
> If possible, we should maintain some sort of compatibility
> with the ports system because, well, there are 10,000 ports
> out there!

i looked at pkgsrc (netbsds ports system).

its pkgviews[1] look very similar to our goal. 
if we can provide a substitute (which may be not that difficult, as you
might think), we have a proven and well working (and supported) package
system, with dragonflys cleanliness.
(pkgviews are somehow clumsy, because they have so many symlinks...)

our substitute (successor... maybe) can be based on variant symlinks and our
app-specific namespace, if we want to.

[1] http://www.NetBSD.org/Documentation/software/pkgviews.pdf

unfortunately you will have a hard time to convince me to start this
rewrite. i have other items of higher priority atm.


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