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Re: sysinstall v2

From: cmulcahy@xxxxxxxxx
Date: Wed, 03 Sep 2003 19:01:32 -0400

At the risk of being flamed...

If a decision has been made to include a python run-time with
the install, the use of one of python's web/application server kits like
zope ( zope.org ) or twisted ( twistedmatrix.com : currently moving, google probably has cache ) could replace apache/php & dependencies at a cost of a a few extra python libraries & scripts( more than a few in the case of twisted ).

Both projects seem to have thoughtful and passionate communities, and either might be willing to lend a great deal of aid and labor for the "halo effect" of building a forward-thinking install base for a cool new BSD.

It might be worth doing so if only because the "orthogonal" elements of the the install might greatly benefit from tight interopability later down the road for distributed "kick-start" applications or reasons as yet unthought of.


Matthew Dillon writes:

:Is it decided that we will use a http:// based installation?
: - I guess yes, as Matt said he wanted it that way and because a lot of
: people agreed.

Yes, this is what I would like.

:Are we fixed at Apache? I.e. don't we want to evaluate some thttpd?
: - Someway I remember reading that PHP4 should run as CGI, so some other
: server might as well do - on the other hand, Apache is well-known and
: tested and not *that* large, so this might not be an issue.

Apache because it is the most mainstream, and we do not need the type
of performance that thttpd offers.

:Is Python our backend scripting language of choice?
:Do we want/need PHP4 when we have Python anyways?
: - PHP might be better for templating, tho.

Yes, the two are orthogonal. PHP4 is a good templating language but not necessarily a good programming language.

I am not set on Python, but from my read a lot of people already use
it for complex installation and package management operations and by
using it we would be able to potentially leverage some of that work.

Matthew Dillon <dillon@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

: simon

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