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Re: new sysinstall

From: Steve Mynott <steve@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 31 Aug 2003 19:13:48 +0100

Matthew Dillon wrote:

Problems with using high level languages like Ruby, Python, etc...

    * They have big library dependancy sets, which makes them somewhat fragile
      in regards to us being able to generate a release environment (everything
      is a moving target).

* They have a big CD footprint.

    * There are issues with having multiple versions installed... a
      'system' version installed by the CD which is often older then
      the current release version that you might need in production.

I was surprised to discover ruby is the much the same size as php4 when installed.

1.9M Aug 31 18:13 ruby-1.8.0.tar.gz
4.4M Aug 31 18:21 php-4.3.3.tar.gz

7.6M    /usr/local/ruby-1.8.0
7.2M    /usr/local/php-4.3.3

(Perl and Python take about 40M)

Ruby is very Python like and TK etc is available.


PHP is very much geared to web templating and if you want to write PHP shell scripts you have to wrap the code in <? ... ?>

It's very easy in these languages to write a simple webserver in a few lines of code so it's possible you could even drop the Apache requirement for the install.

-- Steve

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