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Re: Remove BIND, Sendmail, Perl and etc from base?

From: Jeremy Messenger <mezz7@xxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 23 Jul 2003 16:03:42 -0500

On Wed, 23 Jul 2003 22:40:36 +0200, Diego Calleja García wrote:

> El Wed, 23 Jul 2003 12:40:11 -0500 Jeremy Messenger <mezz7@xxxxxxx>
> escribió:
>> I didn't say anything about to copy Debian and I dislike Debian. I was
>> just wondering how Debian does that get people happy without complain
>> about all binaries are limited. But, I guess it's because Debian is
>> creating too huge binaries database by abiword-gnome, abiword and
>> abiword-plugins.
> Another thing *some* people like of debian is that they don't have to
> recompile ie: you don't want to waste time recompiling libc because
> there's a security bug or the box is too busy doing real work and you
> can't waste too many resources.

True, good point. I just hope that DragonFlyBSD will keep the power of
flexible/choice for the end user to have the ability to install by
source/compile and binary like FreeBSD, but better and better. I do use
binary packages of cvsup, gmake and other lower stuff because there's not
much that I can use. I rather to have source tarball and compile for other
apps such as AbiWord, Apache and etc to have my own tweak of options what
I want. :-)

I think, I should let this topic go and wait for other months when the
package system is starting to discussion and work on. Then, we can bring
this back. ;-)


> Diego Calleja.

bsdforums.org 's moderator, mezz.

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